We live in an era of climate change, political insecurity, inequality, population growth & diminishing resources. ISABEL's mission is to deploy the most cost-effective & resource efficient food production systems around the world. From global cities to temporary communities, We want deploy our technology to help feed everyone in need.

every single INDIVIDUAL should have access to healthy food. 


ISABEL is a group of hydroponic experts, software engineers, designers, manufacturers and innovation consultants with a combined 30+ years of experience in controlled environment agriculture & technology.

We are passionate about solving global challenges at scale.  


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Eric Hager

Founder, Hydroponics


Nate Gallinger

Founder, Embedded Systems

Ruben Santa

Founder, UX Design


Alex Dalessio

Founder, Business Development

Partners & Investors

BCI - Engineering

Product Engineering & Manufacturing


Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative

SF City Community Partner